Easy to set up and use!

Just pop in a prefab and flash your scores, no complicated setup necessary to get started.

Easy to set up and use!

Designed for artists and programmers alike!

Convenient custom inspectors and a clean and powerful API.

For Artists and Programmers

Support for DF GUI, NGUI, EZGUI, Text Box and Playmaker!

But also works fine without any other 3rd party packages.

iPad image

Works smoothly on mobile devices.

Includes optimizations especially for low-end devices.

iPhone image

Built-in support for Retina / High Density displays.

Simply provide two skins (UnityGUI) / or atlases (NGUI).

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Add Score Flash to your game in no time.

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Easy to use

If you want it simple, just drop a ScoreFlash prefab into your scene, hit play and tweak the style until it looks awesome.

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Highly Versatile

When you have special needs - just dig deeper and hook into the power of the advanced settings and APIs.

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Works on mobile

ScoreFlash is tested on Android and iOS devices and has special tweaks to make sure it performs well.

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Cooperates Nicely

While Score Flash has no external dependencies (using UnityGUI or the new Unity UI fka uGUI), it can also use Daikon Forge GUI, NGUI, EZ GUI, Text Box and has PlayMaker actions.

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Great documentation

There plenty of video tutorials (see below), a PDF manual and extensive API documentation all available online.

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Top Support

If you still get lost: Just ask! Score Flash has its dedicated and active thread on the Unity Forums.

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Any language

Whether you code in C#, JavaScript or Boo: It just works, and you'll find examples in each of those.

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Just hit play, set everything up, stop playing and your changes are saved. Recompile while playing? No problem!

“I have to say that this is by far the easiest plugin I ever worked with.
No waste of money! Get it!”

Roy van Doorn, Tapgames

Introduction to ScoreFlash →

Product Video

Get to know Score Flash and how you work with it within Unity with this video.

“Very cool, interesting, inspiring!”

Danko Kozar, Developer of eDriven.Gui

ScoreFlash V3.1 - New Features →

The Editor Release

ScoreFlash V3.1 introduced a lot of awesome new features ... including a visual editor!

“This tool is great! It's super flexible and can cover just about any configuration you can throw at it. The devs are super helpful too.”

Jeremy Henderson

ScoreFlash with PlayMaker →

Score without Coding

This video shows how you can use ScoreFlash with PlayMaker.

ScoreFlash with NGUI →

Single Drawcall Messages

This tutorial shows you how easy it is to convert a scene that is using ScoreFlash with UnityGUI to using NGUI, and go from around 300 drawcalls to just one draw call (for the GUI - there's still 6 draw calls due to the objects in the scene ;-) ).

“NGUI and Playmaker support warmly welcomed. Glad I bought it at v1 :-)”

Gyula Somogyi, Helioxfilm LLC, Producer/Game Designer of Divemaster

Working with Colors →

Let it Fade

This video introduces you to how you can work with colors in ScoreFlash. In the video, you'll learn how to use FadePhases, Sequence, Random and UseColorFromSkin to achieve the results you want - be it just using the designer or some scripting.

“Good tool. The documentation can be improved
but the support from the author is really good.”

Angel Martinez

GUISkins, GUIStyles and Fonts →

Some Basics

This video introduces you to how you can work with GUISkins, GUIStyles and Fonts in ScoreFlash. So this will be useful if you're not using NGUI or EZ GUI for rendering the messages.

“Thank you for well made documentation. It's pretty easy to follow.”

iwishash, Unity Forum User

Persisting Changes after Playing →

Keep 'em! Keep 'em!

This tutorial explains in detail how you can use the built-in feature of ScoreFlash to persist changes you made to any of the ScoreFlash components.